Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Music in Tahrir Square

K.N. writes from Cairo that Cultural Resources (Al Mawred al Thaqafi) has put up a stage in the square with a good sound system, so now there's music in the mix.   Two groups, Black Tema and El Tanbura from Port Said, performed.  Some people, of course, are not so happy about having music and dance as part of the protest.  We'll keep an eye on that.

Tamer Hosny, in trouble with fans
Also interesting, the young pop star Tamer Hosny (said by some to be a younger version of superstar Amr Diab) got himself in serious trouble with his public.  Egyptian TV had apparently encouraged singers to go to the square and tell folks that they had done enough.  Everybody loved the protesters, but time to give it a break.  Tamer apparently bit.  He went to the square and said these things, and earned the wrath of fans.   He was later seen, weeping, on television, saying he'd been "tricked."

K.N. also reports the latest joke: Mubarak dies and meets Nasser and Sadat who ask him how he comes to be there: "Was it poison (reference to rumors that Nasser was poisoned) or assassination?" "Neither, it was Facebook."
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