Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt's new beginning

In the midst of Friday's (2/11) amazing events in Cairo, K.N. sent these words:

"I am sooo proud! Last night we were depressed after waiting hours for
a speech by Mubarak (recommended Oscar for best suspense film!) in
which we expected to hear him say he would leave. All the signs were
put out for us-the High Command of the Armed Forces met without him or
the VP, the army told the people in Tahrir, " all you ask for will be
given". "you mean he's leaving?" "All you ask for will be given".
Finally he spoke and it was like being stepped on. I think the govt.
tried to bring up people's expectations so they couold then dash them
so they would then go on a rampage of rage. We were enraged, people
stuck their shoes on sticks and waved them in the air. But there was
no violence, nobody trashed anything. It was so inspiring to see how
aware of the situation they were. We went to Tahrir this  morning
totally down and confused. An hour before the last words, we went up
to Pierre's balcony, ocerlookng the square and heard there was to be
another speech "soon". We didn't expect anything. And then it came,
just a few words and everyone exploded! The proudest moment in my
life! A real revolution that succeeded with persistence and peace. YAY

....and this photograph:

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