Monday, January 24, 2011

GlobalFEST: The goods at last!

Novalima (Peru)
GlobalFEST, New York City's annual, 13-band world music extravaganza at Webster Hall is now two weeks behind us.  Pardon our delay, but it's been a paricularly hectic January at Afropop.  Our whole crew agreed that this was an exceptionally strong year of GlobalFEST, and one with so much of the kind of music we love.  We can now direct you to the full experience on line.  First, here's a link to NPR's web coverage of GlobalFEST.  There's a discussion between Bob Boilen, Afropop's Banning Eyre, and WFMU's Rob Weisberg covering the show highlights.  And there are links that let you hear all 13 sets of music, also see photos, videos and more.  For anyone who didn't make it, this is highly recommended armchair time travel.

Here too are some of Banning's best photos of the event.  Note that Afropop came with a film and audio crew.  Music from Yoro Ndiaye's set was broadcast on our recent Senegal program.  More from GlobalFEST will be heard on future programs.  And, we are working on a web video tour of the event.  So watch the blog and the Afropop homepage for more.

For now, photos, photos, photos!

Rhythm of Rajasthan (India)

Aurelio and Garifuna Soul (Honduras)
Aurelio did an amazing job.  Called to fill in when key visas for the Creole Choir of Cuba were delayed, this Garifuna star pulled together a New York band, and gave a superb, crowd-pleasing show.  With his new album Laru Beya about to hit, Aurelio should have a big year in 2011.

Ballake Sissoko (Mali), Vincent Segal (France)
Many GlobalFEST fans thought this the standout set of the night.  These two players have amazing chemistry and make cross-cultural collaboration an exercise in sublime creativity, and joy!

RAM (Haiti)

Richard Morse has led this spirited Haitian band, while running one of Port au Prince's best hotels, the Oloffson, for decades now.  A leader in the rasin (roots) movement in Haitian music, RAM kicked out the jams and got Webster Halls ballroom into a rara frenzy. 

Yoro Ndiaye (Senegal)

Yoro Ndiaye, a very promising singer/songwriter on the Dakar scene, made his New York debut at GlobalFEST.  He's been compared to Habib Koite, and his stylistically varied, rootsy, electric/acoustic lived up to that billing.  Watch this guy!

Diblo Dibala (Democratic Republic of Congo)
One of the most beloved guitarists of Congo music delivered a blistering set late in the night.  He's still got it, and he's still got those dancers...

Diblo's dancers!
Novalima (Peru)
Marlon Bishop and Wills Glasspiegel

Afropop producers Marlon Bishop and Wills Glasspiegel were on hand with cameras, Marlon for New York's WNYC, and Wills for NPR's music website (see link at the top of this post).  That means about 1/2 the photographers at this year's GlobalFEST were Afropop Producers.  If you notice that Marlon and Wills have a lot more low-angle, stage side shots, that's because it's easier to lie on the floor in a fetal crouch when you're closer to 30 than 50....

Afropop interns: Saxon, Kate, Erich, Auma
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