Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Afropop's Fan Favorites of 2010!

We asked you if we missed anything in our Best of 2010 lists, and you responded. Thanks to all who contributed, and congratulations to Miriam Salzer, the winner of our 18-CD box set giveaway!

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have some to add about any of these albums.

Fan Favorites:

Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 – A son de Guerra (EMI)

 "...a rhythmically wide-ranging effort that may not run long but is packed with highlights." –AllMusic
Contributed by: Miriam Salzer

 Jessy Matador – Elektro Soukouss (Indie Europe/Zoom)

Please comment if you have something to say about this album!
Contributed by: Miriam Salzer

Nneka – Concrete Jungle (Decon)

"Concrete Jungle captures Nneka’s steely resolve and desire to flourish in an unforgiving world. The album is both affirmative and entertaining, addressing themes of political upheaval, reconciliation and the ignorance that so often comes with privilege." –Paste Magazine
Contributed by: Katherine Sponenburg

Ana Tijoux – 1977 (Nacional Records)

1977 "reveals the many important moments of hip-hop, all while taking you back to the playgrounds of the 80’s and 90’s, when Adidas were fresh and vinyl turntables were state-of-the-art technology. There’s also something modern... It mixes cool jazz sounds, Latin beats, urban grooves, and plenty of poetry that packs a punch." –nocheLatina
Contributed by: Katherine Sponenburg

Rango – Bride of the Zar (30IPS)

"...what really makes this outfit stand out is the fact that the five-stringed simsimiyya has been fitted with an electric pickup which subtly adds a smidgen of funky distortion to what is otherwise a fairly traditional sound." –The Independent, UK
Contributed by: Katherine Sponenburg

Afro-Beat Airways: West African Shock Waves, Ghana & Togo 1972-1978 (Analog Africa)

Craig writes: "[This] compilation has been in heavy rotation on my box ever since it came out. It's top-shelf funk and psychedelia!"

From the Interns:

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble – Stolen Sessions (La Ramona)

"Seventies Afrobeat updated and reinvigorated for a new generation. Stay tuned for a review coming in January!" –Saxon

Ahmed Janka Nabay – Bubu King (True Panther)

"This album was recorded during the Sierra Leonean Civil War. He's one of the few remaining musicians playing this traditionally Muslim style of music, since most have been displaced by or killed in the war." –Saxon

Ebo Taylor – Love and Death (Strut Records)

"This guy studied with Fela back in the '60s and is still keepin' it real." –Saxon

Radioclit Present: The Sound of Club Secousse (Crammed Disc)

"A quirky & unique mix of new dance music coming out of Africa, presented by the DJ duo Radioclit." –Saxon

Gilberto Gil – Fé na Festa (Universal)

"An album full of electrified Northeastern forró from Gil, in homage to the Festa Junina summer celebrations. If you liked Electracústico and his album São João from 2001, this is for you." –Justin, our new intern

Fantcha – Amor, Mar, e Musica (RB Records)

"Smooth and sexy grooves from Cesária Évora's goddaughter." –Justin

Teresa Cristina – Duetos (Deck Disk)

"Teresa Cristina releases another album of classic sambas, this time accompanied by giants such as Paulinho da Viola, Beth Carvalho, and the Velha Guarda da Portela. The arrangements are lush and varied." –Justin
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