Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top 10 African Compilations

As promised another list of great African music that was released in 2010. Last week, Banning Eyre listed his personal choices for great African music stocking stuffers. In addition, Banning and guest producer Marlon Bishop compiled a the best music from Latin America. Today, we list some of the top African music compilations to be released in 2010. 

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Top 10 African Compilations of 2010

Africa: 50 Years of Music (Discograph, 2010) 

“18 CDs! Three each for North, West, Central, East, South, and Lusaphone Africa. Amazingly astute choices. Without question, the best survey of African pop ever compiled.” Banning Eyre

Angola Soundtrack: Special Sounds from Luanda 1965-1978 (Analog Africa)

 “Another landmark compilation from Analog Africa. These tracks reveal the inspired sound of Angola in its formative years as an independent nation. And Samy Ben Redjeb’s detailed notes reveal the personalities driving a remarkable history of creativity and conflict.” - BE

Éthiopiques 24: Golden Years of Modern Ethiopian Music 1969-1975 (BudaMusique)

“Another 20 funky, soulful tracks from the heyday of swinging Addis. Amazingly, the music from that singularly fruitful era keeps coming, and the quality never seems to flag.” - BE

Etoile de Dakar: Once Upon a Time in Senegal – The Birth of Mbalax 1979-1981 (Stern’s Africa)

“A 2-CD tour of the early days of Senegal’s signature popular music. Featuring priceless early recordings of Youssou N’Dour, who used this genre as a springboard to world fame.” BE

Roots of OK Jazz, Congo Classics 1955-1956 (Crammed Discs)

“Technically a reissue of a 1993 compilation, and so doubly retrospective. But the seminal Congolese sounds sampled here, including some of Franco’s very first recordings, are timeless.” BE

Shangaan Electro, New Wave Dance Music from South Africa (Honest Jon’s Records)

“This new music from the Shangaan sub-community of South Africa is a mix of traditional rhythms and vocals with speedy, techno production. It is homemade and rustic, but utterly of the moment. One of the freshest new sounds we’ve heard in awhile.” BE

Shirati Jazz & D.O. Misiani -The King of History: Classic 1970s Benga Beats from Kenya 
 (Stern’s Africa) 

“Expertly compiled by East African music maven Doug Patterson, this is the definitive set from a founding father of Kenya’s giddy, guitar-driven, super melodious benga music.” BE

Tabu Ley Rochereau - The Voice of Lightness, Vol. 2, Congo Classics 1977-1993 (Sterns Music 2010)

“A 2-disk set completing the definitive tour of one the greatest and most influential singers in Congo music history. This installment covers the period of the music’s internationalization and Tabu Ley’s exile in the late years of the brutal Mobutu regime. Every track shines, especially with the mature sound of Tabu Ley’s elegant, honey-sweet voice.” BE

The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia in 1970s Nigeria (Sound Way) 

“More funky, rocking 70s pop and soul from Nigeria. Not every compilation from this era is brilliant, but this one is exemplary. Delights and surprises at every turn!” BE

Yes We Can, Songs About Leaving Africa (Outhere Records) 

“Probably the best compilation of current African hip hop available. Exceptionally well chosen and fully translated, these tracks provide deep insight into the concerns and artistry of today’s African rappers. They will also surprise you with their musical inventiveness.” BE   

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