Friday, October 29, 2010

WOMEX 2010: Day 2

The barrage of contact, activity, music, promo-mania, social hubbub, and did I mention? MUSIC, that is WOMEX was in full swing for the Afropop team from 9AM when we had our first interview, until 2AM when we finally left the cool zone of DJ Criolla (Brazil's) late night DJ set.  As another day begins (I'm due to interview Papa Wemba in one hour...), there is no way to even attempt to describe, but for this Afropopper afloat in the roiling sea of world music, suffice it to say it ultimately comes down to two words:


The Malagasy guitarist from Tulear and his band delivered what we believe to be the first pure set of genuine tsapika boogie ever heard outside Madagascar.  It was raw and real, authentic and virtuoso, so completely joyous that..... well, words fail.  So here's a shot of low-lit video to give you a hint.


And Wemba:

For all the talk that this Congo music veteran is still unbelievable. He delivered a short set of his greatest songs that was nothing short of majestic.  The voice, the charisma, the genius are all still there.  Now, let's just hope he's awake at 10 am.  More to come....

Banning Eyre
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