Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nigerian Music Online!

We know we have an extensive breadth of information here on However, there are some other sites out there doing a great job of covering music as well. So, while we gave you an initial list of Nigerian musicians and covered some new Nigerian hip-hop artists, we thought it would be good to share some other places where you can continue to find great music from this vibrant country.

In our continual celebration of fifty years of independence for Nigeria, here is a short list of some websites where you can explore even more Nigerian music for your listening pleasure.

Online Nigeria – A site dedicated to all things Nigerian, the music section of Online Nigeria has a breadth of links leading to a variety of great Nigerian music.

Nigeria Music Movement –A website that attempts to cover “the hottest in Nigerian Music” and all the news and fashion that follows.
Radio Palmwine - Radio Palmwine is an online Nigerian radio and music service that promotes artists and DJ’s using on-site features.

Nigerian Hip-Hop - A blog that covers the Nigerian hip-hop scene and all things related 24/7.

Streetnaij - A website dedicated to popular Nigerian arts and entertainment. Offers a streaming player to hear new tracks flooding the airwaves in Nigeria.

Nigerian Web Radio - An internet-based radio station dedicated to the Nigerian Diaspora community. The radio station was conceived to bring up-to-date news on music and even sports!

Wande Coal - Rising Nigerian Hip-Hop Artist
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