Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nigerian Hip-Hop? Yes, Please!

Last week, we covered the basics of Nigerian music in celebration of their 50 years of independence. As we stated, in no way was it suppose to be an all-encompassing article but just a starting place for beginners interested in the rich history of Nigerian music.

While all the pre-mentioned artist are of the utmost importance in Nigeria, we also realize that there is a whole new breed of Nigerian artist currently making waves through Africa and the world music community. Many of these artist have taken an interesting and unique approach to the genre of hip-hop. The popularity of hip-hop in Nigeria is growing substantially and now has an undeniable presence in music of this great country. Thus, we decided to put together a shortlist of some newer Nigerian hip-hop artist with links to their pages including videos for your listening and viewing pleasure.


2Face - A staple in Nigerian hip-hop, 2Face was originally a member of the now defunct R&B/hip hop group Plantashun Boyz. Currently, 2Face is one of the most popular artists on the African music scene having one countless awards.

Afrikan Boy - Nigerian-born grime/Afrobeat MC currently residing in London, made a splash on the world with a guest appearance on the track "Hussel" from the M.I.A. album Kala. Since then Afrikan Boy has been hard at work releasing mixtapes with a debut LP in the works.

Wande Coal - Recently coming up with big wins at both the World Hip-Hop Awards and the Nigerian Hip-Hop Awards, Wande Coal has quickly become one of Nigeria's biggest stars.

D'Banj - Twenty-seven year old D’Banj is a Nigerian singer and songwriter as well as harmonica guru with a charismatic stage presence full of boundless energy. D'Banj has won many awards and been a bridged to fusing various different styles of music together.

Sasha - Self-proclaimed "First Lady of Hip Hop in Africa," Sasha has shared the stage with international acts like Ginuwine, Dru Hill, Boys II Men, Akon, Ja Rule and Kevin Little. Her debut LP, First Lady is out now.

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