Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Systema Solar - "Bienvenidos"

Oh the stuff we receive in our email account! Sifting through thousands of emails a week, every now and then we come across a real gem. Today, we were lucky enough to stumble upon some Colombian hip-hop from a group called Systema Solar. The group drops their debut self-titled LP on October 14th via

Here is their video equipped with a donkey-cart pulling a DJ and a massive sound-system.

The group is located on the Colombian Caribbean coast and is channeling the florescent exuberance by a favorite local institution, the pikos, or mobile sound systems akin to Jamaica’s pick-ups, movable parties that can be set up anywhere.

The piko evolved into its own quirky, vibrant format, with passionate competition between crews, insisting they’ll blow away anyone else’s pathetic speakers. Announcers imitate the undulating r’s and over-the-top diction of radio personalities. And musically, they’re apparently platforms for reshaping Afro-Latin styles on the spot.

We dig it. You?

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