Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The 5th Annual Le Grand Dakar Block Party

For four years, the Senegalese restaurant Le Grand Dakar has been putting on an annual, free summer block party in celebration of the diverse array of music and culture from Africa. This year the event includes two hip-hop acts that have been on constant rotation in the Afropop Worldwide offices lately, Brooklyn-based Ghanaian rapper Blitz the Ambassador and the Bajah and The Dry-Eye Crew from Sierra Leone. Earlier this summer, we caught these two acts share a stage with hip-hop staples The Roots and Talib Kweli for OkayAfrica’s World Cup Celebration in Prospect Heights and we haven’t stop listening to them since.

Check out the video of these two performers below and ask yourself, "How can I not go to this event??"

In addition to these two great acts, the fifth annual block party will include the Senagalese Sabar-stylings of Mar Gueye, and the first-ever New York appearance of the Belgium-based soulful Congolese rapper, Baloji. DJ Mihoki, DJ Laye and The City Billies are also set to perform.

Everything kicks off on Sunday, September 12th at 285 Grand Avenue in Brooklyn. Be sure not to miss this excellent event celebrating the music and culture of Africa! 
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