Friday, July 30, 2010

Watch Blitz the Ambassador's stirring new video

Ghanaian-American rapper Blitz the Ambassador's video for the track "Something to Believe" is out now, and it goes above and beyond what you may have come to expect from the average music video (even in the post-Lady Gaga age). That's because Blitz is not your average artist. In this video (or should we say "short film"), he takes an ambitious and bold look at some of the afflictions facing our society, and as he mentions below, the world as a whole.

Here's what Blitz had to say about this video: 
“It’s hard to think about all the problems in the world without getting a little overwhelmed. So, a lot of times we just ignore things. I think Africa has suffered a lot because people choose to remain ignorant, rather than address the issues that are right in front of our faces."

We caught Blitz opening for The Roots a few weeks ago and were impressed by his music and persona, so be sure to keep an eye on him--Blitz is going places, fast.

Something to Believe • Blitz the Ambassador from MVMT on Vimeo.
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