Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Interns, Fleeting as the Summer Wind

New York is melting: the streets are caving in, people are sweating out of themselves, and just yesterday I saw a dog lie down in the middle of a bike path and simply refuse to go any further. So, it is no easy task for me to leave the icy smooth air conditioning of the Afropop offices behind and enter into a state of perpetual swelter, but alas, I -- Mike Rosen, one of the handful of interns who have anonymously powered this blog for the past few weeks -- will be leaving soon to catch the last few rays of summer before gearing up for another year of institutional brainwashing.

This job has been a lot like sitting on a breezy hill that doubles as a cultural cross-highway with really comfy chairs and the perfume of spring (sans allergies) always wafting by. All jokes aside, I have a had a great time working with Matt, Sean, and my fellow interns (shout out to Alexia, Owen, Kalimah and Jeff!). I've been able to check out some great shows in New York, go backstage with international stars, and flex my reporting muscle for this blog.

I may be heading out, but I would urge any and all of those who are interested to check in with Matt and Sean about their Fall internship opportunities (for which -- and don't tell them I told you this -- I know they've got a few spots left). You can see a more detailed job description by clicking here... Just tell them Mike sent ya!

So long for now!

- Mike

WAIT, don't be sad! You can still read the latest from Mike over on his site: www.TheNewConfusion.com.
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