Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup Madness! But Where to Go?

If you're living in the NYC Metropolitan area for the next month, I highly recommend you hit up some of these places to watch the World Cup. Not only will you be in the best atmosphere to watch a 'football' game, but you can indulge in some delicious native food and drink. Watch out for who you're rooting for, though, you wouldn't want to find yourself with the wrong fans! Here's the low down:
  • Algeria: Nomad (78 2nd Ave, M)
  • Argentina: Boca Juniors Restaurant (81-08 Queens Blvd., Q), Loki Lounge (304 5th Ave, BK), Novecento (343 W. Broadway, M), Azul (152 Stanton Street, M)
  • Brazil: Favela Grill (33-18 28th Ave., Q), Felix (340 W. Broadway, M), Beco (45 Richardson St, BK), Esperanto (145 Avenue C, M), Miss Favela (57 S. 5th St., BK)
  • Ghana: Meytex Café (545 Flatbush Ave, BK), In God We Trust African Restaurant (441 E. 153rd, BX) Mexico: Papatzul (55 Grand St, M), Cabrito (50 Carmine St., M)
  • Nigeria: EN Restaurant and Bar (120 Lafayette, BK)
  • No Afilliation: Floyd, NY (131 Atlantic Ave, BK--indoor bocce too); Nevada Smiths “where football is religion” (74 3rd Ave, M); Berry Park (4 Berry St, BK); Manhattan Bridge Archway (BK, outdoors on big screen)
  • South Africa: Madiba (195 Dekalb Ave, BK), Braai (329 W. 51st, M)
  • USA: Dempsey's (61 2nd Ave, M); Vanderbilt (538 Vanderbilt Ave., Prospect Heights, BK)
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