Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sound System 4: Version South Africa

The following is a vertical collage of videos and images taken from our upcoming program Soundsystem 4: Version South Africa, which focuses on a lineage of electric dance music that stretches between 80s Disco / Bubblegum and Shangaan Electro producers in Soweto today. Many thanks to the Afro-Synth Blog and to the 27 Leggies Blog for their inspirations!

Yvonne Chaka Chaka

Brenda Fassie, Weekend Special

Dalom Kids

Hugh Masekela, Don't Go Lose it Baby

Harry Belafonte

Penny Penny - the father of Shangaan Disco

Disco star, Peta Teanet is has a fan page on Facebook!

Shangaan Electro, available for purchase from Honest Jon's

SHANGAAN ELECTRO 5 from outsidemusic on Vimeo.

by Wills Glasspiegel

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