Friday, June 11, 2010

15% Off All-Inclusive Trip to Zanzibar International Film Festival!

When: July 12- July 22, fully hosted and all-inclusive with tour leader

Who: Zanzibar Festival Tours

Why: Because I can't. What else do you have to do this summer? Nothing, exactly. You couldn't make it to South Africa for the World Cup, so Zanzibar is close enough. Join this small group for a fantastic trip filled with film, music, art, women's workshops, and of course, delicious food. All the while you will become a part of the breathtaking landscape, translucent ocean, and culturally fascinating  Zanzibar. Even better, book through Afropop and part of your fee will go toward supporting us!

How: email or call us 718-398-2733 and we will forward you to the tour operator for further details. Also, visit our website for more details including an itinerary for the trip
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