Monday, March 8, 2010

Maracatu Atomico Video from Chico Science

I've been working with Sean and Julius to perfect our latest YouTube video on Brazilian Kiko Klaus' NYC Debut. During our interview with Kiko, he mentioned Chico Science as an influence. Sean was instrumental in connecting Chico to U.S. and international presenters back in the early 90s, althgouh I was unfamiliar. So, I sniffed around YouTube to see what I could find on Chico, and was blown away by this great video for "Maracatu Atômico" off of Chico's second (and sadly, final) album. He died in 1997, making me wonder--what would he have been doing if he were still around?

(P.S. -- I noticed some early '90s rock video influences--please comment if you can as well!)

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