Friday, January 29, 2010

Liza McAlister Video on Music and the Haitian Earthquake

Professor of Religion at Wesleyan University, Elizabeth McAlister is the author of RARA! VODOU, POWER AND PERFORMANCE IN HAITI AND ITS DIASPORA and a contributor to our Hip Deep program "Music and the Story of Haiti." During the current earthquake crisis in Haiti, Professor McAlister has appeared on National Public Radio and CNN talking about the history and culture of Haiti. Aside from an academic connection, Liza (as her friends call her) has deep personal ties to Haiti, and speaks about those ties as well as what role music has played in the Haitian Earthquake.

Thanks so much for sharing, Liza!

Here's the "Audio Postcard" from NPR that Liza referred to...

Our blog also features Wyclef Jean's performance at Help for Haiti and a link to today's Morning Edition piece on Boukman Eksperyans.
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