Thursday, November 19, 2009

Arrived in Las Vegas for Sahra

Flew into Vegas on Tuesday night for the big Sahra spectacle at the MGM Grand. Khaled from Algeria, Assala Nasri from Syria, and Rida Al Abdulla from Iraq will headline an extravagant stage show featuring 100 musicians and dancers. All to raise money for children's causes in N. Africa and the Middle East. This is a rare one. Very few non-English music shows ever play on the big stages here, and this will be in the Garden Arena, set up to seat some 8,000. (Its full capacity is twice that!)

Met Khaled next to the big gold lion in the MGM lobby. He was just in from France and glowing as ever. Musicians are arriving from everywhere, Egypt, Lebanon, Dubai, France, and various parts of the U.S.. Rehearsals on for noon the next day. Can't wait.
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